Anna Zinovyeva, PhD           PI                                        zinovyeva (at)

Li Li, PhD                       Postdoctoral Associate                    lilee (at)

Li got her PhD from Tongji University and worked on prd and Pax gene function in Drosophila development. She now works on understanding how microRNA activity is modulated by miRISC interactors. 

Yin Wang, MSc                   Research assistant                        yinw (at)

Yin holds an MSc from the School of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. She helps run the lab and contributes to a number of projects.

Graduate Students

Dustin Haskell, MSc                                       

Dustin did his Master's thesis on C. elegans germline RNP granules and now works on characterizing factors that control microRNA strand selection and/or microRNA activity. 

Shilpa Hebbar, MSc

Shilpa did her Master's thesis at Manipal University studying IGF-1 and IL-6 activity in breast cancer cells. She now works on understanding the mechanisms by which microRNA production and/or activity is controlled.                                    

Undergraduate Students

Matthew Kranick                                                                 

Matt is a Microbiology major. He is also a Spring 2016 College of Arts and Sciences Scholar. 

Kirsten Nilges

Kirsten is conducting an alg-1(anti) suppressor screen. She hopes to gain insight into regulation of Argonaute and microRNA function by identifying new genes that control microRNA production and activity.

Katherine Hwang

Katherine joined our lab as a Freshman and is currently working on a project that will help us figure out how microRNA strand selection occurs in vivo. Katherine is a K-INBRE undergraduate scholar.

LaQuan Johnson

LaQuan joined us for the summer as a 2016 SUROP / K-INBRE student and came from Langston University. LaQuan's summer project was aimed at understanding what contributes to microRNA strand selection in vivo using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.  

The whole lab, Fall 2016.